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                     Angel Wish Program


    Donate now to Angel Wish Program. Help us to provide more gifts to children and bring a joy to the life of a child who live in the unhappy and poor situation.  You can donate the gifts to the program too. 

Click here to see who receive the Angel Wish gifts this year!

The Angel Wish Program allows the children to receive the gifts during the holiday season.  Those children are the ones live in the special conditions such as having a single parent, being adopted, , housing in the homeless shelters, living in low-income families, staying at the hospitals and other similar conditions. This program is to bring the joy to the children at the local communities.  Each year, Angel Pray will carefully select the communities to distribute the Angel Wish lists.  The angel wishes starts to be collected through churches, schools and hospitals before Thanksgiving. The deadline for the children to fill out the gift wishes is December 10th.    This program also allows individuals and partnering corporations to personalize a gift for a child in need by adopting an Angel and purchasing toys or clothing items for an individual child. 

New gifts donation are acceptable.  Please contact Angelene Huang at 1-610-202-7860 or email to angelwish@angelpray.org.

Who receive our Angel Wish holiday gifts this year?

Daycare center, children with gifts.

Friends Associates, Executive Director  and Directors of Housing

Office of Friends Associates and Homeless Shelters downstairs

Thanks for your support!




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