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Letters and Articles   

We received many letters from the students from China and donors, as well as the single mothers who we have helped for Katrina Hurricane. Here are listed some of them.

  Letter 1 from Ms. Mccullum in George who suffered in Katrina

"Ms. Huang:

I am sorry that I hadn't responded to your email but my family and I are very grateful and thankful for all of your help. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and from my family to all of you at your organization. Thank you so much."

Letter 2 from Ms Guan, the editor of Newsletter:


  I have got the letters along with
the newsletter from you. Thanks.

  I have heard a lot about you from Xiaohan. I really
think that you and your father have done a very
meaningful things for those poor kids, I really
believe one day your will harvest.

  Xiaohan showed me the photos taken from china and
told me the stories behind those. I am greatly moved.
I admire you and xiaohan's effort in making a
difference in those kids' life.

  Compared with you and Xiaohan, I didn't do a lot. I
am glad if I can help with anything in this mission.

  Have a nice day!

Letter 3 from a student in China





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