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Earthquake Rebuild Project Update

Project Plan    Transaction Details    Rescue Diary  Donation  

Total donation of $68,262 as Feb 14, 2009. Total amount of $68,347 was sent to China for the rescue and rebuild project. Angel Pray covered $70 wire fee.

Wu Long School (五龙义校)Rebuild Project

 The committee of  APCCF(Angel Pray Child Charity Foundation) Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund has decided to direct the entire remaining fund, $68,347 minus $4,400 (urgent help fund RMB30,000) distributed in early emergency relief effort, to Wu Long School rebuilt project.  This is a summary of the decision process and recently activities. 

Download the video of Wu Long School that suffered after the earthquake 5-12 (size20MB)

      1) Why Wu Long School 

Right after the earthquake, we intended to use our donations to help orphans and disabled children.  But as our fundraising effort and the whole relief effort have evolved, we have to change our plan.  Here are the main reasons:

a.       As many have pledged right after the fund was set up, the money was actually coming in very slowly, especially for the donations processed through a company program that usually will take 2-4 months for us to get the money.  Also, during the emergency time, it is hard to find local volunteers to help execute our plan.  But still, we were able to distribute a small amount of money to some orphans and other children in need.

b.      The overall donations for Sichuan earthquake have exceeded $14 billion.  Our fund is tiny and slow comparing to many.  We also donít have a network of volunteers in China as of now.  To make our effort effective, we have to stay focused.

c.       It is understandable that the distribution of all earthquake relief funds are not even and not well planned.  Because donors who tend to direct their money to the areas that are well covered by the media.  For example, Ju Yuan School(聚源中学), the school covered the most by the media for its devastating loss, has received more than 100 million RMB.  On the other hand, many areas that are more rural, less accessible to the media or less in casualty have received little notice or little help.

d.      Wu Long School is located in such a rural area.  It connects to the main road through a hilly one-lane dirt road which takes a SUV to drive almost an hour.  The earthquake has caused structure damage to most already badly maintained buildings and forced students living and learning in poorly conditioned temporary housing. Fortunately, there was not casualty during the earthquake.  But probably because of that, they seem to be left out during the waves of donations. 

We feel Wu Long School just needs as much help as others.  There are a few affected schools in the same county.  Wu Long is selected because it is furtherst from the center of the county. 

       2) About Wu Long School and rebuild project 

Wu Long is a 1-9 grade school including elementary and middle school.  It is located Yianting County(盐亭县), probably the poorest county under the government of Mianyang City(绵阳市).  It has more than 600 students after the earthquake.  Because it is extremely hard to commute, almost all the students live on campus.   

The school benefits from the recently implemented nationwide free 1-9 grade education program that allows them to hire more qualified teachers and buy more equipment.  Because of this program, the government will be responsible for rebuilding the school damaged by the earthquake.  The government budget for the new school is 5 million RMB.  According to the current plan, it will take 3 years the latest to complete the project. 

As of now, our fund is worth about 400k RMB.  We hope to add a facility, such as a gym, a library, etc., to the new campus, so we will see a concrete result of our donations and it will be there for a long time. 

The county education department and the school are very appreciative of our help.  We both agree that our fund will not be moved over until the government budget money is in place and the final project plan starts to be implemented.  As what facility we will help to build will depends on the schoolís final plan and the construction cost at that time.  Our local volunteers in Chengdu will keep track on the progress of the project. 

         3) A visit to Wu Long School 

On Sept 22, 2008, APCCF volunteers from US(Yin Ye,  Wei Wang) and Chengdu(Xiaoxuan, Deng ) visited Wu Long School.  It took more than 3 hours to drive from Chengdu through Mianyang and Yanting to the school.  The school principal, Mr. Qiang Huang(黄强) and the county education official met the volunteers in Yanting.  Mr. Huang then guided the vehicle through the dirt road to the school. 

After touring the campus and seeing the damaged school buildings, temporary classrooms and student dorms, it is very obvious that the school is in a great need for all the help it can get.  Everyone is moved to see rows of the bed packed and smelled dorm rooms on one side, and the small and crowded classrooms on the other side.  Yet, the atmosphere on campus is quite positive.  Students and teachers are very focused on learning and teaching.  

The volunteers and Mr. Huang discussed the school rebuilding project and how APCCF can get involved.  It is agreed that the school will inform APCCF the progress of the government funding and construction plan and APCCF will indentify the facility that it can help build at a time that the construction plan is about to be finalized. 

Pictures of the visit are to be posted on the APCCF website. 

    4) Other Activities 

In addition to the fundraising effort, APCCF is working to get more volunteers in China to provide help for whatever is needed.  These activities are all funded by local donations which do not take any money from APCCF relief fund: 

a. Volunteers in Chengdu led by Xiaoxuan have been our liaison in working with the earthquake victims.  They have spent a considerable amount of time and money in relief effort, especially in the initiation of Wu Long project. 

b. Volunteers in Shanghai have been working with Wei Wang to purchase new children clothes.  A package valued at 2,500 RMB has been shipped to Wu Long School. 

c. Volunteers associated with publishers in Shenzhen and Shanghai are preparing many series of books.  These books will be shipped to Wu Long School before or after the new library is built depending upon the school plan. 

d. Volunteers in Beijing will send recycled computers and accessories from top business schools to Wu Long for their computer lab. 

          5) Final Comments 

By the time APCCF raised sizeable amount of money, a lot of heavily affected areas have already got piles of donation and/or are packed with large quantities of relief shipments.  Our fund size is still very small.  But we want to spend the money more effectively.  It is why we decided to hold it for a specific project. 

The challenge remains that the small fund size, about 400k RMB, limits our options for the facility that we can help build.  Given it will take a little more time for the construction plan to be finalized, we urge people continue to donate to the fund or still consider APCCF relief fund for your next yearís contribution plan. 

Besides the fundraising, there are still many things we can do to help.  We welcome anyone who wants to get involved in any fashion.  Please feel free to contact us for your idea and thoughts. 

The committee members wanted to thank all the people who have donated and helped for your trust and your support.  We will provide more update as the project progresses.

International Transactions

Date  Amount in $ USD  Functions
February 11, 2009 $6,347 The other amount of donation was wired to the same account in China. This amount will be added into the previous donation and used in the assigned rebuild project.
September 22, 2008 $47,000 The balance of the donation was sent to China Agency in USD currency and will be converted to RMB based on the spot exchange rate.
June 15, 2008 RMB30,000 Assigned as Angel Pray Children Financial Aid and is currently being distributed to selected children by the volunteers. Documents will update soon.
June 10, 2008 $15,000 China received the donation. Our volunteers are working on the fund.
May 19, 2008


Alphaletters,LLC  and Mr. Kelvin Zhang requested this donation especially for earthquake donation advertisement on the Chinese World Journal newspaper, New York edition on May 20 and May 24 two days. It was put on front page advertisement space. The picture on the top of this page is the actual advertisement shown on the paper version.


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