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Board Directors

Angelene X. Huang (PA), Founder and President   MBA Candidate at Yale University 09,     Iowa State University Alumni 00',  Tsinghua Alumni 1996

Jin Ye (PA), Co-founder and Vice President       Registered Nurse, Mercy Suburban Hospital

John E. Vose (PA)    Aircraft Mechanic in the Boeing Company

Jie Zheng (NJ)     Project Manager in a communication solution company


Angelene Huang (PA),  Founder and President

Jin Ye (PA), Co-founder and Vice President  -- Fundraising and Strategy

Hong Xiaohan (CA) , Vice President    -- Chinese Scholarship

Wei Wang (CA), Director -- Earthquake Relief

Stella Zhao (IL), Vice President    -- Angel Pray Library

Yaxin Cao (NJ), Officer   -- Angel Pray Library

Sara Lu (NJ), Accountant 

Xiaoxuan Deng (Shichuan, China) -- Director of China

Xiaofeng Zhu (Shichuan, China) -- Coordinator of Earthquake relife

Derong Huang (GuiZhou, China) - Director of Scholarship Program in China

Many other volunteers are not listed. We appreciate all the support!!

Newsletter Editors

Chinese Newsletter Inch Green Heart: Hong Xiaohan, Hailing Guan

English Newsletter: Angelene Huang, Jin Ye, John Vose


All these board directors and committee members are full time professionals and they are all volunteers.  The same mission puts all of us together to make those children's life different.  You can email us for general questions.

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