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About Us

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Dear friends:

      Thanks for visiting Angel Pray Child Charity Foundation's webpage.  As the founder of this non-profit charity organization, I would like to address my appreciation to all of you for your support!

      Having the childhood at the undeveloped minority region in South China, I still remembered how I grew up in a small town, where most of the people lived in the farms with very little income.  I have tried my best to study hard and tried to get rid of the poverty by having an career as an engineer.  As time goes by, my life gets better and better.  But deeply in my heart, I always feel there is something I need to do in my life, which is to help those children who live in poverty.  At the year of 2005, with friends' support, Angel Pray Child Charity Organization was established to search more fund and support from public sources to fulfill the mission of helping children worldwide.

     The Angel Pray Child Charity Foundation (APCCF) is a nonprofit charitable organization registered in the state of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to save, help and support children who are poor, sick, disabled, abandoned, suffering, homeless or living in the miserable conditions that prohibit their healthy growth and continued education worldwide. All of our committees and board directors are volunteers and work for the organization for free.

     APCCF is classified as a nonprofit charity organization and is recognized for tax exemption by IRS under 501(c)(3) code.  Individuals and corporation donations are tax deducible if the income levels are qualified.

     Please visit our webpage and programs when you have time.  The content of programs will be updated time to time.  Please forward any of your feedback to us via email or phone.  We also wish you can find some programs here meaningful and interesting, so that you would like to donate your gift to our programs to support Angel Pray.  The fund we use to run the programs comes from all types of contributions.  Every dollar counts! We will help these poor and suffering children and continually work to ensure every dollar is used to its fullest for this purpose. We will devote our efforts to honor any designation of preference you have stated when you make a donation.

     We have our three promises:


     Again, we thanks for your support.  Children are our concerns and your concerns!


  Angel Pray Child Charity Foundation  
         Founder & President
         Angelene Huang
 Email: angelpray at gmail.com
Phone: 610-202-7860
Toll free: 1-800-939-8628
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