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Used Goods Donation



Used Goods such as books, clothes, toys and used cars are acceptable for donation in the United States and in P. R. China. Most of the donated goods are delivered to the South China rural schools. Some are distributed within U.S.       Used Car Donation

Please contact the local agency :    US,   Beijing in China   Guizhou Receiving Stations

Used Goods Donation in the United States:

  • Used goods donation is acceptable and tax deducible in US.
  • Donor shall collect all the used goods that are suitable for children and students from elementary students to high school students.
  • Donor is willing to deliver the used goods to China during his/her trip to China, and mail the used goods to the assigned stations via Chinese Post Office. 
  • To be able to get the donation receipt, donor should scan the mailing receipt and the list of the goods and estimate prices, and sent to Angelene Huang via email or regular mail.  Postage is not refund, but will be included in the total donated amount for the tax deducible purpose.  (Please use fair market prices)
Please contact us if you are interest in this donation. We can collect use goods for the people who live nearby.  Volunteers for bringing goods back to China are welcome.

Contact for Used Goods Donation in P. R. China:

Guizhou Receiving Stations We currently have two stations to receive the donated used goods at two poorest towns in Guizhou Province in China, where we established Angel Library Programs and Scholarship Sponsoring Programs. Donors and volunteers can contact the listed stations and directly mail your donated used goods to the Stations. The used goods will be distributed to Angel Pray Library and Students. To avoid the loss during mailing, please copy or print the exact mailing address below on your box. 

Station 1 Contact: Yujiang Liang, Principle,

            梁宇江,校长, 电话:13765493656

            Mailing address Tab (Please copy or print the following address):

            梁宇江校长, 贵州省独山县甲里镇五和村麻弄组 五和小学, 邮编558200

Station 2 Contact: Xiaojun Xu, 徐晓军,村长     电话:13885422088

            Mailing address Tab(Please copy or print the following address):

            徐晓军, 贵州省独山县水岩乡政府, 邮编558200       


Use Car Donation

Please download and fill the Car donation form and email or mail to Angel Pray. 

Angel Pray has setup the used car donation program with Car Program LLC (Third Party). Car Program LLC will provide you with a written acknowledgement within 30 days of the sale ONLY if the gross sale price is greater than $500. Without the receipt, you only can report the maximum $500 unless the sale price is greater than $500 in the receipt.

Car Program LLC will then file a 1098-C form with the IRS and it is your responsibility to give Car Program LLC your Social Security Number so that this reporting can be done. The information on the 1098-C will not be disclosed or used for purposes not related to your donation.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Please consult your tax advisor for applicability to your situation. Please retain this document for your records. It is an important document necessary for any available federal and state income tax deduction for this donation.

We have not provided you with any goods or services in exchange for this donation.



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