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Welcome to Angel Pray Child Charity Foundation

Hurricane Children Scholarship

The Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Wilma victimized hundreds of thousands of children, wrenching apart their families, washing away their homes, and separating them from everything else that was familiar.  We setup a scholarship fund for Hurricane children who survived in the Hurricane.  The scholarship is to aid the children back to school supplies and a quality life.

    Since we founded in 2005 after Katrina, we only collected $1000 for Katrina. In 2006, we issued total of $1500 to three families with multiple children, who were suffered from Katrina Hurricane. Some of them are single mother with 5 children.

Thanks from some single mothers:

"I am sorry that I hadn't responded to your email but my family and I are very grateful and thankful for all of your help. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and from my family to all of you at your organization. Thank you so much." Below is the application and photos of one of the families who received our fund. To protect the privacy, the last name is erased.



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